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Sarah A Nathan

Such beautiful cats that are well taken care of... We had our Kovu (Wild Caesar) from Edward and Tony and he is just purrrfect in every single way!! Kovu is very wild looking with unique markings that shines with glitter. He also has the most loveable temperament and is a very quick learner.

Sarah Pepe Hall and Joe Butler : UK

Stunning cats, and very, very well looked after. They are treated so well and you can tell in our little kitten. She is so loving and fearless she's simply beautiful. Edward was so knowledgable and helpful it made it very easy for me and my partner!

Sarah and Chris Smout : United Kingdom

Absolutely superb, we have a stunning female kitten called Faith who is absolutely adorable, we picked her up at the weekend. Communication from Edward was fantastic from start to finish, he even sent some videos of Faith.

Shijia Xue: CHINA

We collected our stunning boy Captain last week. It was absolutely worth the 9hrs driving. Ed and Tony are such good breeders but I feel them more like my good friends.

Stepahnie Banfield : Abergele, WALES

Well, we went to view one silver boy and had such a warm welcome from Ed and Tony. These breeders clearly adore their beautiful cats, who are reared as family members in a lovely home. While we were there there was extra building work going on to give the cats even better rooms.

Stephen Michael : England, Surrey

We got our beautiful little Tiger lily when Ed and Tony lived in Horley. We first seen her at 4 weeks and at regular intervals during her 13 weeks with mum. She came to us beautifully socialised, just fitted in straight away with absolutely no teething problems.

Tania Tolson : Colwyb Bay, WALES

Bengalheritage is simply an outstanding breeder with much love, passion for the Bengal breed. My self and hubby have looked for around two years to find the best breeder for us.

Tommy Ross - SCOTLAND

Drove down from Glasgow Scotland and man was it worth it cats where all beautiful !
all the cats where so playful and full of energy they all looked happy to let Ed and tony live in their house � but aye they have a grate set up for the cats and they really know their stuff the cats have their own bedrooms with access to outside really cool place thanks for having us guys �hope to see yous both and the cats again

Teresa Campion WALES

Went to view the Bengal cats and absolutely love their set up its the best I've ever seen and the cats are absolutely amazing. Massive thanks to Ed and Tony for the warm welcome. I'm absolutely in love with the Bengal cats ��
Teresa Louise Campion reviewed Bengalheritage Cats – 5 star
31 March 2017 · https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009734359026

TJ Reynolds USA

Ed helped me in a million ways. I'll make this an informal list. First off, he is a pleasure to speak with, kind and courteous at every turn. He had concerns regarding the environment I would be providing for the kitten he sold me. This tells me he cares about his cats outside of monetary gains. Second, Every expense was discussed and up front. There were no surprises, no lurking last minute money gouge. Finally, we received the most beautiful silver female from Bengalheritage. We will be breeding her.

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