New Zealand - summary information and requirements for the export of cats and dogs from the UK.

This is a summary of the updated procedure which is in place from the 1st January 2012.

Please also see MAF/MPI NZ Import Requirements

A 10 day quarantine period has been imposed for cats and dogs arriving on or after 28th June 2011. All animals arriving in New Zealand from 28th June 2011 will now also require an Import Permit.

From 1st January 2012 all animals arriving from the UK will now require a rabies vaccination and blood test. Rabies vaccination must be given at least 6 months prior to entry into New Zealand unless it is a booster. Current vaccination must also have been given less than 12 months prior to entry.

International pet travel requires the use of an IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved air kennel that allow the animal to stand and sit erect without touching the top of the box, lie down and turn around. It is a requirement that cats and dogs are shipped as manifest cargo and not as excess baggage.

Paperwork Requirements

a) All animals must be identified with a microchip (approved ISO types only) and both Cats and Dogs require a blood test for Rabies:

FAVN or RFFIT Rabies Neutralising antibody titration test with a positive result greater than 0.5 IU/ml (test must be no more than 2 years prior to entry date and no less than 3 months prior) .

See Import Permit application for form and more details.

Before doing this, the full set of requirements must be obtained from DEFRA/AHVLA/APHA - Carlisle 01228 403 600 option 1 then option 3 or email your enquiry to Ask for application forms (Export Health Certificate and EXA1) for cat/dog going to New Zealand along with vet guidance notes.

b) An Import Permit, which must be applied for from MAF/MPI New Zealand. Please see following page Animal Import to Permit forms (Use section "Application for Permit to Import Dogs & Cats from countries where rabies is absent or well controlled (Category 3)". This also gives details of quarantine stations)

Before applying, you must have a booking confirmation from one of the following MAF/MPI approved quarantine facility confirming availability of space for the animal(s) at the time of importation.

Auckland Qualified Pet Services Email

Auckland Pethaven Quarantine Services Email

Auckland Auckland Quarantine Limited Email

Christchurch Canterbury Quarantine Services Email

Wellington Shado-Lans Quarantine Facility Email

c) An Official Export Health Certificate, which must be applied for from DEFRA/AHVLA/APHA (Carlisle 01228 403 600 option 1 then option 3)

The first two sections only (Part A) are to be completed and certified by your Vet (OV) within 2 days of the flight from London (The last section - Part B - will be completed by the Portal Veterinarian at Heathrow).

Within 30 days of flight - click Final Veterinary Schedule below

Final Veterinary Schedule