Other Countries - information and requirements for the importation of cats and dogs.

Depending on the destination you must obtain an Export Health Certificate obtainable from the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and/or a Veterinary Fitness to Fly Certificate prior to your pets departure, these must be completed and certified within a given period of time which will vary from country to country.

You must also adhere to any regulations regarding inoculations, tests and treatments. Precise requirements can be obtained from DEFRA (AHVLA/APHA) in Carlisle - Ring DEFRA/AHVLA/APHA - Carlisle 01228 403 600 option 1 then option 3 or email your enquiry to Petexports.carlisle@apha.gsi.gov.uk. Ask for application forms (Export Health Certificate and EXA1) for cat/dog going to your destination country along with vet guidance notes. You will need to show this to your vet so that they know what to do to prepare your pet for travel.

Official Export Health certificate.

In addition to an Export Health Certificate your pet may need an Import Permit to enter the country of destination; this must be requested and received from the relevant Ministerial Department in the country of destination. Once again the address or website to which you must apply can be obtained from DEFRA or from the relevant Embassy/consulate. Legalisation of Health Documentation may also need to be performed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or the embassy/consulate of the destination country (eg Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt amongst others).

All of the above applicable documentation, plus any existing veterinary records must accompany your pet.

International pet travel requires the use of an IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved air kennel that allow the animal to stand up without touching the top of the box, lie down and turn around. With information on the measurements of the animal(s) we can build Kennels (wood frame, plywood sides, wire mesh front) to fit.

You may be able to take cats and dogs as excess baggage. This is sometimes the cheaper option (please note that some airlines cannot take live animals and that there may be restrictions such as standby status depending on the airline and the route), However should the animal(s) be a particularly large shipment (in Airline terms) or coping with the animal(s) at the same time as the move be particularly difficult then we can offer the cargo option along with other services including collection, kennelling and health/fitness to fly certification.