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Tania Tolson : Colwyb Bay, WALES

Bengalheritage is simply an outstanding breeder with much love, passion for the Bengal breed. My self and hubby have looked for around two years to find the best breeder for us.
Edward and Tony are not only passionate, but are true ambassadors for the Bengal breed. They spend their time socialising, handling, playing and a lot of TLC helping to domesticate from birth.
We knew from the first visit that we would have been stupid not to reserve immediately the fantastic litter from one of their Queens, Phillipa and the outstanding Stud Hugo.
We feel remarkably blessed that we are now owners of the most beautiful and perfectly marked Bengals. We want to thank Edward and Tony for all their time, hospitality and ongoing knowledge that they have shared with us.
We are counting the days until we can take them home.


Tania Tolson reviewed Bengalheritage Cats5 star

27 June 2016 · https://www.facebook.com/tania.tolson

Tommy Ross 5 Star Review on Bengalheritage Cats, Best Bengal Cattery in the UK, Reputable Bengal Cat Breeder, Bengalheritage Cats
Tommy Ross - SCOTLAND

Drove down from Glasgow Scotland and man was it worth it cats where all beautiful !
all the cats where so playful and full of energy they all looked happy to let Ed and tony live in their house � but aye they have a grate set up for the cats and they really know their stuff the cats have their own bedrooms with access to outside really cool place thanks for having us guys �hope to see yous both and the cats again

Tommy Ross reviewed Bengalheritage Cats – 5 star
24 June 2017 · https://www.facebook.com/thomas.ross.37201

Teresa Campion Review Feedback on Bengalheritage Cats, Best Bengal Cat Breeders in the UK, Reputable Bengal Cat Breeder
Teresa Campion WALES

Went to view the Bengal cats and absolutely love their set up its the best I've ever seen and the cats are absolutely amazing. Massive thanks to Ed and Tony for the warm welcome. I'm absolutely in love with the Bengal cats ��
Teresa Louise Campion reviewed Bengalheritage Cats – 5 star
31 March 2017 · https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009734359026

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