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TJ Reynolds USA

Ed helped me in a million ways. I'll make this an informal list. First off, he is a pleasure to speak with, kind and courteous at every turn. He had concerns regarding the environment I would be providing for the kitten he sold me. This tells me he cares about his cats outside of monetary gains. Second, Every expense was discussed and up front. There were no surprises, no lurking last minute money gouge. Finally, we received the most beautiful silver female from Bengalheritage. We will be breeding her. They were able to show me Pk Def and PRA normal results, as well as a 5 generation TICA pedigree. They were by far the best breeders I have purchased from, in the U.S. and abroad. Your money will be well spent if you want a show quality pet or a breeder from these guys. If you have any questions regarding their policies or the quality of their kittens, feel free to contact me at BonnyBengals or TJ Reynolds here on FB. I'll always rep Bengalheritage Cats UK. They were good to me, so it always does well to stay loyal in such a small world. Thanks Ed!!!

TJ Reynolds reviewed Bengalheritage Cats – 5 star
17 February 2018 ·


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